Growing up, founders (and sisters!) Krista & Mel were always interested in sustainable living and the power of essential oils and herbs. Frustrated they couldn’t find good quality, natural skincare that wasn’t packaged in single-use plastic, they decided to train together in Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatherapy & Massage so they could understand more about other options available.⁠

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The story behind Scence


After making balms for family and friends that needed help with eczema and sensitive skin, and an effective deodorant that didn’t use questionable ingredients like aluminium, Krista & Mel decided it was time to get out there and share everything they had learned and created. The result is Scence Skincare – beautiful, nourishing, natural and vegan ingredients, all poured into paper-based, compostable and recyclable packaging.


Scence use only the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that are both nourishing for skin and kind on the environment.

The eco-friendly lab is located in Waterside House at the head of Penryn River (a mile west of Falmouth), a beautiful environment where they are literally a few paces from the water - they also generate their own power using solar panels on the roof!

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    Scence offer an artisan collection of natural skincare formulated in Cornwall using a range of natural and organic ingredients that are both healthy for your skin and kind on the environment. All products are presented in plastic free, paper based packaging which is fully compostable and recyclable.

    Why I Love Scence

    Scence is one of the original plastic free wellbeing brands, and their products are both functional and beautifully pure. I must have about five of their lip balms on the go at any one time - dotted all around the house and at work! They are just the best natural lip balms on the market.

    Green Tulip Founder