The idea for Salt + Steam came out of personal frustration when founder and freelance photographer Lily Hartley was spending way too much time looking for all-natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free bath and skincare products that made her feel great and weren't full of nasties.

Eventually she gave up the search and decided to create her own!

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The story behind Salt + Steam


With three different types of salt, some quality essential oils and botanicals, Lily set about hand blending her first totally natural products at her kitchen table. The importance of transparency and sustainability in the cosmetics industry was key, and her whole ethos for the brand meant she only sourced high quality ingredients from ethical businesses.

By October 2020 after months of experimenting (amid a Covid-19 lockdown), Lily launched a range of beautiful bath salts and facial steams that are free of parabens, SLS, palm oil, artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals - Salt + Steam was born!


A global pandemic and numerous lock-downs highlighted more than ever the need for everyone to take time out to relax, and Salt + Steam products were a perfect fit. The business moved forward swiftly and by 2022 Lily had moved production to a lovely rural North Yorkshire workshop. If juggling a small business single-handedly wasn't difficult enough, by the July Lily became new mum to baby Evangeline, and had her own wedding to plan!

Today, wonder woman Lily is still making making all the products by hand and doing the photography - and manages to very successfully balance self care with running a business. She says it's all the coffee - a lot of coffee - but we think many relaxing aromatic salt baths are probably involved too!

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    A range of vegan friendly bath & skincare products created in Yorkshire from responsibly sourced, cruelty-free ingredients. Includes facial steams, clay face masks, body scrubs & bath salts that do amazing things for your skin and make you feel good inside and out.

    Why I Love Salt + Steam

    I love that Salt + Steam have given what can be seen as traditional products like bath salts a modern spin. Their elegant packaging, beautiful blends and fun names mean these are perfect for any age - I think the 'shot' size makes a particularly good little 'I'm thinking of you' gift.

    Green Tulip Founder