Italian seed company Piccolo was born in the Treviso province of Italy in 2012, with a mission to give life to small spaces and urban gardens everywhere. Co-founders Soira Bazzo and Filippo Santarossa launched the brand by carefully selecting plant varieties that by nature tend to occupy little space and have fewer nutritional needs, producing happier plants and more satisfied horticulturists.

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The story behind Piccolo


The idea for the Brand came when Soira wanted to set up a small vegetable garden on her two bare terraces at home. When she started to research which plants were more suitable to be grown in compact spaces, she found there were actually none! Realising a gap in the market Soira went through old catalogues researching and experimenting, choosing from Italian, American and British heirloom seeds and testing many different varieties in pots, containers and window boxes to see if they would grow into happy, healthy plants.


As well as accurate seed selection, Soira and Filippo decided that colourful, sustainable and fully recyclable packaging was equally as important - well-designed down to the tiniest detail. Looking very much like little paperback books about the size of a chocolate bar, each pack contained information and useful advice for cultivation: the best sowing period, growth times, light conditions and the water needed. Moreover, they also included the history of the plant, any medicinal properties and suggestions for recipes and cocktails.

Piccolo is very much about the growing movement to make a garden absolutely anywhere. The idea that growing is a cultural experience that enhances the wellbeing of our minds, bodies and our planet is more important now than it has ever been.

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    Eco Friendly Gifts for Garden Lovers!
    A beautiful and colourful range of seed packets made from sustainable and completely recyclable materials. A fine gift to inspire people to make a garden in any space, no matter how small.

    Why I Love Piccolo

    Growing flowers and edibles from scratch is definitely a sustainable choice but can be a bit daunting for new gardeners. What I love about Piccolo is how they've elevated seeds into a beautiful gift that not only has the seeds, but also every bit of information you could ever need to actually plant and grow them!

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