Pachamama began in 1990 when David Child and Cathy Stirland started trading goods from the Andean Mountains of South America. Its name translates as "Earth Mother" in Quechua, the ancient language of the Incas.

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The story behind Pachamama


Since those early days Pachamama has developed strong and sustainable relationships with its suppliers - from sourcing and collecting raw materials to designing and marketing finished products.

In 1996 Pachamama became a proud member of BAFTS - the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers.


Pachamama has been loyal to its original philosophy on fair trade and has been working with some of the same producers for over 20 years - ensuring continuous and solid economic and social growth for a large number of people.

It's lovely to see these women with incredibly skilled hands able to work close to their homes, keeping families together and preventing the need for economic relocation to the cities.

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    Fair Trade Winter Hats & Gloves
    Pachamama, meaning Earth Mother in the ancient language of the Incas, offer a wide collection of 100% wool knitwear which is hand made by fair trade artisans in Nepal. All items are hand made on a relatively small scale and while the designs are constantly changing, the underlying style and quality remains the same.

    Why I Love Pachamama

    We've been working with Pachamama for years and I love the fact that they were one of the original fair trade knitwear brands. They really are about slow fashion and you'll see some of the designs like Hoxton appear in our range year after year. The perfect sustainable and practical gift - and something us British dog walkers can't live without!

    Green Tulip Founder