The idea for Ocelot came when husband and wife duo Ish and Matt Broadbent left their salaried jobs in Scotland and moved to Italy to pursue careers as chefs. They later returned to Scotland to pursue their dream, and started making artisan chocolate with a bowl and ladle on the kitchen table at their apartment in Edinburgh.

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The story behind Ocelot Chocolate


Ish & Matt started selling their chocolate delights at a local farmers market along with a variety of organic homemade foods such as dips and salad dressings. The couple made just enough money to pay the rent and get by but with no time to progress the business, they gave up their place at the market to put all their energy into honing ideas and creating the brand. Ocelot quickly gathered momentum online and sales started to fly - and they've not looked back since!


After the economic turbulence of 2021/22 Ocelot joined chocolate forces with its organic bean supplier Original Beans, an organisation with a strong commitment to ethical sourcing and production, responsible farming and conservation. Ocelot wasted no time in moving the brand forward, and in March 2022 opened its own cafe and shop at its factory in Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Ish & Matt couldn't be prouder that Ocelot has grown to represent the artistic and culinary elegance of craft chocolate at its best.

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    Organic craft chocolate from Scotland
    Ocelot is an artisan chocolate brand creating ethical and delicious chocolate at its micro factory in Edinburgh.

    Why I Love Ocelot Chocolate

    You'll be pleased to hear that the Ocelot chocolate really does taste as good as it looks (we've selflessly tried it!) - but that doesn't stop the packaging really being the wow factor for this small, Scottish brand. Each bar is a piece of modern art and deserves it's own place in the house long after the chocolate has been consumed!

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