Nemi Teas is a jobs-focussed Social Enterprise providing transitional employment to refugees in the UK. The idea came in 2016 when Founder Pranav Chopra visited a local cafe in North London and met a group of refugees from all corners of the world who spoke perfect English, and had a wealth of knowledge, but could not find local work due to a lack of experience here in the UK.

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The story behind NEMI Teas


The Brand gained momentum very quickly and by February 2017 Pranav was visiting No 10 Downing Street to celebrate being part of the Top 100 small businesses in the UK.

After many years of hard work and lots of cups of chai brewed, February 2022 saw NEMI launch its very own café in north London. Trampoline is not just any café but one supporting small producers and refugees on their upward journey. It's also a training ground where NEMI employ and trains refugees and helps them acquire skills in the hospitality industry.


Pranav is very grateful for the support he's received during NEMI's journey. Without it the Brand would not be able to create beautiful, sustainable and ethical tea, develop and grow its training program, offer a brighter future to over 30 refugees and continue to grow its impact with the running of Trampoline Café.

More recently the Brand has enjoyed more celebrations - this is NEMI's very own Rebecca accepting an award for Micro Business of the Year at the FSB Awards 2023!

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    Sustainable & Ethical Fair Trade Tea

    NEMI produces premium organic fairtrade tea that's not just refreshing and full of flavour, but also creates employment opportunities for refugees to have a decent quality of life and contribute to society and its development. 

    Why I Love NEMI Teas

    We all love a good cup of tea, but some teas really are better than others! What I love about Nemi is that not only do they have amazing ethical credentials - they also make tea bags that are presented so beautifully they make a lovely gift. Perfect for those moments few and far between where you actually do get a chance to put your feet up and have a cuppa!

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