The idea for LunchBots came when university-trained engineer Jacqueline Linder was preparing a packed lunch for herself and her two young boys. Concerned about the chemicals in plastic containers which can leach into food stored in them, Jacqueline wanted plastic free ones. Stainless steel water bottles had entered the market, but there didn't seem to be any plastic free food containers. She soon found herself looking for a product that didn't exist in the U.S.

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The story behind LunchBots


So in 2008 Jacqueline set up LunchBots in California. Her main aim was to provide an easy plastic free alternative for people taking food out and about - but also to encourage them to pack their own food - enabling them to make healthier choices. The containers would be made from durable, food grade stainless steel and have bento-style compartments so a range of balanced foods could be transported in one easy-to-clean tin.


Although the business has since changed ownership, the Brand's commitment remains the same today. It's not just passionate about creating innovative and practical lunch solutions, it's equally committed to making a positive impact on our planet. That's why LunchBot donates a portion of every sale directly to 1% For The Planet, a charity supporting initiatives that protect and restore our environment. LunchBot's earth-friendly lunch boxes are built from durable materials and are guaranteed to stand the test of time - so every sale not only helps to displace plastic waste, but also directly contributes to the preservation of our planet.

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    Strong and long lasting stainless steel bento boxes perfect for work, school, picnics and days out. Designed for transporting a sustainable waste free lunch prepared at home.

    Why I Love LunchBots

    The LunchBots brand was one of the first in the reusable metal lunch box market and although the company has since changed hands, the products still offer a great option when it comes to high quality reusables. I particularly like the snacking element to this range - it encourages us to plan ahead and choose healthy snacks that aren't individually bagged - instead of heading out for that emergency plastic wrapped sugar fix!

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