The idea for FieldDay was born in 2002 when founder Alix Mulholland was inspired to capture and bottle the scents of her local Irish countryside in rural County Down. Alix meticulously studied fragrance combinations and set up on her mum’s kitchen table armed only with a selection of soap moulds, oils, fragrances and wax. Then named Bog Standard, the business really took off when Alix exhibited at Showcase in Dublin’s RDS Arena later that year.

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The story behind FieldDay


Alix rebranded to FieldDay Ireland in April 2017. The name pays homage to the brand’s Irish roots and the rolling green fields and overgrown lanes surrounding its converted mushroom factory near Saintfield, County Down. The new brand name also tied in nicely with the launch of Field Apothecary, FieldDay’s design-led range of six essential oil-based, luxury soy wax candles. From the very onset, there's been more to FieldDay than just vegan candles and fragrances. That's why it teamed up with Ulster Wildlife to support local wildlife conservation efforts.


In 2022 FieldDay celebrated its 20th birthday. Alix is very proud to have achieved such a milestone, weathering many a storm during the years. Kim and Marie, its longest serving employees have been helping out for more than 15 years now and they're guaranteed to bring a laugh wherever they go! FieldDay certainly wouldn't be where it is today without the two of them!

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    Bring the aromas of rural Ireland indoors!
    FieldDay offer a range of scented products for the home inspired by the native aromas of rural Ireland; bringing a welcoming and uplifting feel to any room. From sustainably produced reed diffusers, candles, incense sticks and soap bars, each product is made with love for the land and the desire to leave it better than how it was found. 

    Why I Love FieldDay

    As soon as I came across the FieldDay range and met Alix, I knew it would be perfect for our customers. Not only do the beautiful scents and product names transport you straight into the countryside, the packaging is so pretty it makes a lovely gift. I particularly love the Wildflower incense sticks - a lovely modern take on this traditional method of fragrancing a room.

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