Clarity Blend

Clarity Blend is a small family business led by Veronika and Dimitar Vasilev. The idea for the brand was born out of a need to reconnect with themselves and nature, and achieve a more harmonious way of life.

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The story behind Clarity Blend

Inspired by nature

Demanding city jobs had left the couple's energy levels depleted - they experienced muscle tension, feelings of anxiety and bouts of insomnia, and were determined to find ways to stop the cycle of stress.Growing up surrounded by the aromatic meadows of the Bulgarian countryside, the couple were keen to harness the power of plants to help relieve their symptoms, but despite their best efforts couldn’t find the natural, non-toxic and sustainable products they were looking for - so decided to make their own!

sustainably sourced

All products are hand blended in small batches at the Clarity workshop in Wokingham. Being a small family business, Dimitar gets involved in everything from sourcing sustainable ingredients, product-making and packing orders to customer service and tech support! He also ensures each essential oil is mindfully and sustainably sourced to confirm it's not from an endangered or vulnerable plant species.

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    Essential Oil Blends for Wellbeing

    Clarity Blend aromatherapy blends are produced in small batches to enhance wellness and boost mood. Our collection includes Clarity Blend's bestselling Mind Spa essential oil blend.
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    Why I Love Clarity Blend

    I love my Mael diffuser and enjoy choosing the right oil for the right time of day. Eucalyptus is usually my go to in the morning when I need a pick me up, with the gorgeous new 'Mind Spa' blend from Clarity Blend perfect for evenings.

    Green Tulip Founder