Cornish brand Chocolarder was formed in 2012 by pastry chef Mike who began experimenting in his own kitchen making small batches from raw beans. After getting intimate with the processes of roasting, grinding and conching, it wasn't long before Mike started making his chocolate full time.

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The story behind Chocolarder


Bean-to-bar is a complete chocolate making process. Organic beans are sourced direct from quality farmers with single estate, family run plantations and made into chocolate in Cornwall. Chocolarder is still one of the only small batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in this country.


Innovative flavour combinations using the finest local sustainable ingredients is what makes Chocolarder stand out from the crowd. It collects freshly squeezed orange peel from a Beach Café in Falmouth and forages Wild Gorse Flower for new and exciting taste experiences.

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    Chocolarder - Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

    Chocolarder is a Cornish chocolatier dedicated to the craft of small batch artisan chocolate. Its focus is making the highest quality chocolate from bean to bar using only the finest sustainable ingredients.

    Why I Love Chocolarder

    Chocolarder chocolate tastes absolutely amazing! A super gift for a serious chocolate lover.

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