Having experienced first-hand the shame and hardship that comes with lack of access to safe period products, co-founders Lucy and Claire Lettice decided to take action. The daughter and mother duo created a new kind of conscious period product – one that was better for our bodies, better for our planet and better for our sisters.

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The story behind &SISTERS


With Claire's experience working for corporates Bodyform and Dove; and Lucy's background in buying for a zero waste start-up and a health food chain, the duo set about creating the most extensive range of 100% organic, vegan and plastic free products.

So in 2017, &Sisters became one of the first sustainable period brands to disrupt the market. The eye-catching and planet friendly packaging was designed to move away from ‘hygiene,’ and more toward ‘beauty and wellness,’ to encourage people to talk about, shop, and use period products with pride.


To cover all needs and preferences, & Sisters launched a wide selection of products – tampons with and without applicators, pads, liners, cups, period pants and a stain remover - offering everyone a more sustainable period care option.

Today, as part of its commitment toward empowering and inspiring future generations, 10% of its profits are dedicated to supporting female health, education, and economic empowerment across the planet.

Furthermore, the Brand is now proud to be B Corp certified - a validation of its commitment to bringing positive change. B Corps are businesses with a conscience that are not guided by profit, but make the world a better place. We think that's pretty impressive!

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    Eco-friendly Period Products

    &SISTERS produce eco-friendly pants, pads, liners and tampons made from 100% organic cotton, certified by Soil Association according to the Global Organic Textile Standards. The waterproof backing sheet on the pads is made from a cornstarch bio-polymer which is certified compostable, and the Nudie period cup is made from hypoallergenic medical silicone.

    Why I Love &SISTERS

    There are many brands that are doing eco friendly period care these days, but I think &Sisters is leading the way by offering such a wide range of options to suit every customer's preferences. I also really like their focus on education and the important health benefits of avoiding the mainstream brands - so it's about personal health as well as lower impact. It's great to be working with brands like this that really are moving the mission forward.

    Green Tulip Founder