Staff Sale in Aid of FareShare

This month we had a staff sale, bits and bobs that were slightly damaged, discontinued or approaching sell by dates. We’re pleased to say we’ve manage to raise £217.56 for the charity FareShare - not bad for a small business!

FareShare are helping vulnerable communities in the UK during the cost of living crisis, they also do amazing work to reduce food waste, redistributing surplus food to charities and community groups.

We think everyone is feeling concerned/worried about the cost of living at the moment, so if you can spare anything, money, food or time, please try. Perhaps you could have a sale or clothes swap? Every penny, every tin of food makes a difference to someone.

We run a staff sale every year at Green Tulip. As a sustainable business, it's important to us that nothing usable gets thrown away, so this is our way of ensuring everything gets used alongside raising money for fantastic causes.