Natural cleaning recipe: Kettle Descaler

Looking for a natural and effective way to descale your kettle? Rather than purchase a chemical-based descaling product, you can make your own simple descaler using citric acid. Follow this simple recipe to make your own DIY natural descaler

Natural kettle descaler


Simply boil a half filled kettle with one or two tablespoons of citric acid and watch the limescale disappear. Rinse the kettle and reboil once before using. No nasty chemicals to wash off.

Top tip: pour the boiled water with the citric acid into or over your shower head and iron, taking care not to burn yourself. Also can be used for descaling dog water bowls, metal watering cans or anything else that has standing water in.

Why it works:

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid found in citrus fruits. It effectively loosens and lifts limescale, allowing you to easily rinse away.

Compared to harsher descaling agents, citric acid offers several advantages. It's gentler on the kettle's materials, including plastic and aluminum, and poses less risk of damage. Additionally, it breaks down quickly and is considered safe for food contact, leaving no harmful residues after proper rinsing.

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