Alternative Easter Gift Ideas for Children

Wondering what to buy kids instead of Easter eggs? Here’s our top 7 ideas for the best non-chocolate Easter gifts for children. Each idea is a great alternative to giving chocolate eggs at Easter.


This is a fun activity for young children (5+ years). It's easy to put together without the need for messy glues or paints, and is a planet friendly alternative to plastic toys. At just £3, it's also cheaper than most high-street large Easter eggs.

2. Organic Chick Rubber Teether

This sweet little springlike chick works well as an Easter gift for babies. It doubles up as a rattle and bath toy, and is handmade in Sri Lanka from the softest organic rubber.

3. My Botanical Press

This lovely wooden flower press provides hours of fun for little ones who love to create. Teaching our children about crafting helps develop creativity and opens their eyes to new ideas and hobbies. Although suitable for 3+ years, we think older children will also love to hunt out spring blooms and press them as an Easter weekend activity, alongside the usual Easter egg hunt. It's made from redundant timber discarded by the rubber industry, and will last for years so can be passed to a younger sibling or friend.

4. Pet Rabbit Set

This bunny-themed set is such a cute non-chocolate Easter gift. It includes a grand rabbit and guinea pig hutch, complete with water bottle, carrot and turnip. Great for promoting imaginative play! Suitable for 3+ years.

5. Wood Rabbit Stacking Rings

Sticking with the bunny theme, this beautifully crafted wooden stacking ring toy helps little ones to develop dexterity and coordination skills. Suitable from 12+ months.

6. Plantable Flower Seed Bon Bons

These beautiful bon bons may look like truffles good enough to eat - but no - they're actually filled with seeds that burst into beautiful flowers! Each bon bon is handmade with a different ‘flavour’ of flower seed, and is finished with dried flower petals. Why not start a new Easter tradition of sowing seeds? You'll have an eco friendly, plastic free gift that lasts much longer than a chocolate Easter egg - endless enjoyment of growing the flowers and watching wildlife enjoy them.

7. The Positive Doodle Diary

This beautiful diary encourages creativity, self-expression and mindfulness in children aged 5-10 yrs through daily doodling and simple journaling. It’s packed full of fun activities to explore themes of confidence, resilience, kindness and even self-care! While the bright colours are fitting for a spring gift, we think it's also the perfect gift for children whatever the season or occasion.


Looking for Easter gifts for adults?

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