Founder Joe D'Arcy created Wylder Naturals with the desire to make simple, quality skin care products that benefit the body and mind through the power of sustainably sourced, natural plant based ingredients. Joe's love for the great outdoors and belief in the power of nature would be the inspiration and rooting for every product, with an aim to tread as lightly as possible on the natural world that is so precious.

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The story behind Wylder Naturals


Joe wanted to invest in sustainable practices right from the beginning, so set about selecting partners and suppliers whose principles align with his own, giving careful consideration to the ingredients and manufacturing processes.

In May 2022 after working out formulations, designs and sourcing sustainable packaging, Joe launched eight individual soaps, each one crafted with its own personality, properties and wonderful wild, outdoor scent. Wylder Naturals was born.


The Brand quickly gained momentum, with Joe selling at local autumn markets to spread the word before the run up to Christmas. With incredible responses, Joe soon realised he needed to ramp up production, so in October 2022 he moved into a new studio in Bristol. There the soaps are handmade in small batches using a traditional cold pressed method, then cured, and packaged.

At the end of each batch there's usually a few wonky bits and ends that don't quite make the cut, but nothing goes to waste! They make great travel or hand soaps and are perfect to put in a soap bag.

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    Natural skincare, handmade in small batches
    Made, cured and packaged in Bristol, Wlyder Naturals create beautifully scented soaps that are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin.
    With recipes inspired by the power of nature, each soap uses sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients and never any man-made or chemical alternatives.

    Why I Love Wylder Naturals

    I was first approached by Joe at Wylder over a year ago, and have been keeping an eye on the range and making a bit of space for it in our soap section. I really love the feeling of the sea the brand brings, the well sized little bars (perfect for travelling), and the unisex nature of the range too. In this crowded soap market I think they've done a great job of standing out - in all the right ways!

    Green Tulip Founder