The idea for Whittle and Wear first came in 2023 when Printmaker, Artist and Designer Amy Lanyon found herself with a lot of wood offcuts leftover from her sign making business. Being the grandaughter of St Ives' landscape artist Peter Lanyon, Amy had major influence growing up being surrounded by inspirational artwork and decided to put her artistry talents to good use by hand painting laser cut wooden shapes to make jewellery.

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The story behind Whittle and Wear


Amy quickly got to work and by the summer had launched a range of stud earrings cut in simple shapes, each one meticulously handpainted to be unique and one of a kind. The response was amazing and her little sideline business was born! She quickly expanded her collections to include double-sided flower shaped hoops, drop earrings and pin badges in fun and unusual designs.

Amy attended numerous Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs in the run up to Christmas, which with a small family was pretty exausting, so she decided the next step for Whittle and Wear would be to open up to the wholesale market.


So in the October Amy launched a crowdfunding campaign to showcase her new business at the prestigious Top Drawer London trade show in January. Christmas sales were great and the business had accelerated so unexpectedly that after the show Amy decided to wind down her signage business and concentrate solely on her jewellery.

Needless to say Top Drawer was a great success - and not just because that's how Green Tulip became the very first ever Whittle and Wear stockist!

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    Add a touch of individuality to your style!
    Unique, handcrafted earrings made from reused wood offcuts. Designed and hand painted in Cornwall. Lightweight everyday stud earrings & hoop earrings.

    Why I Love Whittle and Wear

    I love finding a brand that is just starting out on their journey, and especially one that is using up something that would otherwise be wasted. I met Amy at her first ever trade show and, once we'd had a good chat about her story and her lovely products, I knew they'd be a great addition to our Green Tulip range. I hope you like them as much as I do!

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