Tony's Chocolonely

Dutch journalist Teun van de Keuken started Tony’s Chocolonely as a crusade against modern slavery in the chocolate industry. He tried to discuss the problem with large chocolate makers and when they ignored him, Teun took action and made 5,000 Fairtrade chocolate bars himself!

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The story behind Tony's Chocolonely

Inequality in Chocolate

The unevenly sized chunks of Tony's Big Bars is a nice way of reminding chocolate lovers that the profits in the cocoa industry are unfairly divided. His mission is to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate - not just Tony's chocolate, but for all chocolate worldwide.

B Corp Certified

On 3rd May 2022, Tony's Chocolonely became B Corp status, an official certification earned by businesses that use the power of the marketplace to help solve social and environmental problems. Simply put, companies that use their business for good. Not just not doing bad stuff, but actively doing good stuff!

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    Dutch brand Tony's Chocolonely produce cool and incredibly tasty Belgian Fairtrade chocolate with beans purchased directly from cocoa farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, an area where modern slavery and child labour is still very common. Their mission is to change the business model of the cocoa industry and show that chocolate can be made differently and be 100% slave free.

    Why I Love Tony's Chocolonely

    We've stocked the Tony's range for years now, since before it became mainstream, and of course support the fact that the more they sell the bigger their impact is. However, it's great that they still think about us independent stockists and we get a few bars each year that are exclusive just for us :)

    Green Tulip Founder