After spending many years in Indonesia working closely with the Mentari Factory creating delightful and imaginative wooden toys, Founder Danielle Hanson partnered with them to create Tender Leaf Toys, and brought it to the UK marketplace.

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The story behind Tender Leaf Toys


All Tender Leaf products are dreamt up by Danielle, and then brought to life by Mentari, who are like family to her and the team. Each piece is produced from reclaimed rubberwood (a by-product of the latex industry), and is hand painted, assembled, checked, wrapped in paper and packaged in recycled cardboard. 

Not a plastic tie in sight!


Deeply committed to protecting Indonesia’s natural resources, a new tree is planted for every reclaimed one that Tender Leaf uses, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. Both Mentari & Tender Leaf Toys are proud to have been awarded the ICTI Ethical Toy Program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain. 

Tender Leaf also supports Eden Projects here in the UK, which is now recognised as one of the most effective re-forestation projects on the planet.

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    British brand Tender Leaf Toys offers high quality ethically produced wooden toys for children whilst looking after our planet. The brand regularly donates to Eden Reforestation Projects, one of the most effective re-forestation projects on the planet. 

    Why I Love Tender Leaf Toys

    I think the designers at Tender Leaf really do a great job of making products that are both beautiful enough for parents and cute enough for the kids! There are a lot of wooden toys out there these days, but the colours and clever shapes really do set Tender Leaf apart.

    Green Tulip Founder