Pump Street Bakery was founded in 2010 by father and daughter team Chris & Joanna Brennan who had a desire to make the best sourdough possible. The duo started making chocolate in the pastry section of an old barn that houses their bakery in 2012, and quickly expanded into adjoining rooms. By early 2017 they could see that the space was not going to support their chocolate making ambitions for much longer, and found an old military vehicle record-keeping building, disused for decades, in Rendlesham.

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The story behind Pump Street Chocolate


But this is where delicious, ethical and environmentally responsible chocolate really starts. Pump Street's beans are grown on lush and beautiful fair trade farms around the world which are teeming with life, flora and fauna, thus providing a canopy to protect the cacao trees. From this land comes coconuts and cacao of the highest quality that only tastes better because it was grown in a rich, biodiverse environment, enriching the soil and living with other plants. So farmers like Desmond Jadusingh here, gets a high price for his fantastic tasting beans, and prefers to spend more time harvesting with a lower return as an investment in his and the earth's future than slashing the land to increase the yield.


Chris and Joanna's strong ethics from the start have taken the family business from strength to strength. In 2012 Pump won the BBC Food and Farming Awards Best Food Producer of the year and more recently The Observer Food Monthly Best Food Producer of 2022. They are proud of Pump's achievements and know they couldn't have done it without their happy, hard-working team of passionate specialists - here's the very smiley Liliya about to wrap and pack a tray of Ecuador 85% mini's!!

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    Fair trade bean-to-bar chocolate gifts with unique bakery-inspired flavours!

    As well as being a Suffolk family-run bakery, Pump Street hand-crafts real British chocolate from bean-to-bar, using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients.

    Why I Love Pump Street Chocolate

    The first thing you love about a chocolate brand really should be the taste - and that is definitely the case for the Pump Street Chocolate range. It's absolutely delicious - especially the Croissant Bar which is a taste sensation! Of course it does look beautiful, and has great ethical credentials too - but its deliciousness really is why I love it!

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