Poppy started her business in 2004 working from a tiny net loft in Newlyn, Cornwall. After finishing a foundation course in Art & Design at Falmouth College, she studied textiles at Winchester School of Art and spent 3 years in Guatemala working with a craft co-operative. On her return to Cornwall she lived with her dad in Bodmin where she grew up. Her specialism was in printing, but the equipment needed to start up was way too costly so she had to find another way to make a living.

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The story behind Poppy Treffry


As a way of getting her drawings onto products, Poppy turned to a technique called freehand embroidery, much like 'drawing' with a sewing machine. So with her trusty 1930's Singer, Poppy's little drawings sprung to life and became bags, tea towels, purses, tea cosies and lots more - with each quirky design coming direct from her sketches of everyday life in sunny Cornwall.

Over time the business grew and by 2010 Poppy had opened her first retail shop in St Ives, and the following year moved her workshop to a unit at Trereife Business Park near Penzance. Poppy started to run courses teaching people the embroidery technique, and the space came alive with the sound of Singer sewing machines.


Today Poppy employs a group of 5 lovely ladies throughout Cornwall to help her with production whilst working from their homes. Poppy makes the first product from her sketch and then the ladies use the same technique. Although they look similar the products are still unique, with each one being produced and sewn individually, without any computers being involved.

Today, following the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Poppy has slimmed down the workforce at her unit to focus more with online, wholesale and courses, giving her time to sketch and create. She still has her ladies who cut and sew everything she designs, and she has recruited a furry member of the team to keep her sane - Roscoe, the Romanian rescue dog!

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    Why I Love Poppy Treffry

    There is something particularly lovely about properly handmade items. I think it is the fact that you know it's been made with real care by a person and that it is in it's own way unique as no two are ever exactly the same. I think Poppy Treffry's beautiful products are the perfect example of this - I hope you like them as much as we do!

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