The idea for a children's organic clothing brand came in 2001, when founder Jane Shepherd was working for an environmental charity in London.

Jane learned about the severe negative environmental and health impacts associated with growing and harvesting regular cotton, which uses around a quarter of all insecticides globally.

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The story behind Pigeon Organics


Jane knew organic was the way forward and on one rainy night in 2001, she arrived at Air India's warehouse at Heathrow to collect five huge bales of organic cotton fabric. Then branded as Organics for Kids, the company grew quickly and by 2008 it was stocked by John Lewis and a few hundred independent retailers around the UK and Germany.

After a rebranding in 2015, Jane launched as Pigeon Organics with a collection made by a fair trade and organic (GOTS) certified factory in Kolkata, India – one that she still works with today.


Pigeon remains a small team with a huge spirit - Jane was joined by Kate in 2015 to help with designs, and in September 2021 her furry sidekick and office assistant Hedley the Bedlington Terrior arrived to help out - mainly zooming around and snoozing through marketing meetings!

Jane manages to escape the chaos on warm weekends for a bit of slow living at her happy place on the Oxford canal with her narrowboat; negotiating a lock or pulling up a swing bridge.

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    Pigeon Organics offer a fun and stylish collection of high quality clothes for babies and children, made with certified organic and fair trade cotton. The company is based in the UK, and the clothes are made responsibly in India.

    Why I Love Pigeon Organics

    Pigeon was one of the first brands I stocked at Green Tulip - even before I launched the website back in 2007. I have pictures of their bodysuits at the first gift fair I did in 2006! They were known as Organics for Kids back then and though the name might be different they still produce beautifully soft and practical clothes for babies. A real staple of the Green Tulip assortment!

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