Pebble products are made by Hathay Bunano, a company started back in 2004 by Samantha Morshead MBE. On moving to Bangladesh, Samantha saw the incredible poverty so started teaching the women knitting and crocheting skills. Soon her vision of bringing sustainable and flexible employment to rural and disadvantaged women became real.

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The story behind Pebble


Following WFTO accrediation, Pebble is currently the only guaranteed fair trade crochet toys in the world. It now employs over 5,000 women in 52 different regions of Bangladesh, and handmade products are still at the core of the business.

The employment is very much community based - the women are paid fairly and the work is flexible - they enjoy getting together to work, chat and share.


It's lovely to see these women with incredibly skilled hands able to work close to their homes, keeping families together and preventing the need for economic relocation to the cities.

And when every piece is made by hand they are all unique, meaning no two pieces will be exactly the same - you could say each one is a work of art!

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    Pebble offer a wonderful range of beautifully hand-crocheted toys and gifts for newborn babies and the very young. The cute and lovable designs are specifically targeted to appeal to mothers and young children alike and are sure to be a nice keep-sake for generations.

    Why I Love Pebble

    A lot of brands have imitated Pebble over the years, but we're proud to stock the brand that first made crocheted fruit rattles popular! Still one of our bestselling ranges for babies, they keep coming up with new ideas to keep their artisans in Bangladesh busy, and babies entertained!

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