Lua sprang to life in 2000 when founders Emma and Eugene left their accountancy jobs at The British Council and headed off on a life-changing year around the world. Arriving in Vietnam, they were deeply impressed by the skills of the local artisans producing clothing and accessories there.

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The story behind Lua

Handmade in Vietnam

All Lua pieces are handmade by women working in clean, safe workshops or at home so they can work according to their families’ needs. Poverty is widespread and working with Lua enables them to combine any farming obligations with a valuable additional source of income.


Since 2018 Lua has supported the work of Rewilding Britain which aims to return large swathes of the UK to its natural state, encouraging the return of wildlife and tackling the extinction crisis. Many of Lua's designs reflect this, featuring flora and wildlife largely of the UK.

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    New Arrival
    New Arrival
    Lua is a family-run business in Warwickshire working in partnership with young entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Lua products are designed in the UK and then brought to life through the talents and resourcefulness of Vietnamese artisans with an emphasis on beautiful fabrics - silks, velvets, wools, fine corduroys and thick printed cottons.

    Why I Love Lua

    I've been buying from Emma and Eugene for over 10 years now and Lua has become a staple of our range. Always guaranteed to add a splash of colour, their products are affordable, fashionable and responsibly sourced - a great combination!

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