The idea for land&water first came when founder Pix Ashworth noticed a sense of exhilaration and calm wherever the combination of land and water existed - by a river, by the sea, by a lake, even a stream. Pix had spent many years witnessing the joyful “warm glow” radiating from guests staying at her family business hotel at Watergate Bay, Cornwall, after days spent swimming, surfing or walking on the beach, and decided to bottle that feeling!

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The story behind land&water


So Pix and her team set about formulating bath and body products that captured a distinctive emotive blend of invigoration and calm. In 2020, in collaboration with leading apothecarist and perfumer Richard Howard, the first land&water collection was launched, with particular painstaking care for the environment that inspired it. With each recipe being packed with the finest natural essential oils and actives, the collection really emulated the fresh skin invigoration felt on the salt-lapped shoreline of north Cornwall.


Winding along the cliff path, gazing at isolated patches of sunlight on the sea. Curling in a window seat with a book, while a storm rages outside. Showering after a swim, before sunset dinners and stargazing on the decking... the ‘active relaxation’ lifestyle that sparked the land&water collection has today spread its roots from its beginnings at Watergate Bay Hotel to uplift the coastal-loving people of the entire British Isles and beyond.

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    Natural, sustainable & vegan friendly bath products fresh from Watergate Bay
    Bring the beautiful elements of the Cornish coastline to your bathroom with these ethical bath and body products. The surf-inspired collection is bursting with sustainably sourced pure essential oils and actives that are great for invigorating the skin and offering an elevated sense of wellbeing.

    Why I Love land&water

    Some ranges make you feel a certain way just by looking at them, and land&water always makes me think of breathing in sea air and instantly relaxing. I think it's the beautiful blue of the bottles and jars, but also the clean and fresh scents. And breathe...!

    Green Tulip Founder