The idea for ecoegg first came when founder Dawn White had difficulty finding an all-natural detergent for her sensitive skin. When she was a teenager, Dawn struggled with eczema and it wasn't until her late 20s she discovered that her washing detergents, loaded with harsh chemicals, were causing her skin flare-ups. This realisation was the spark that ignited Dawn's interest, so she decided to find an alternative and affordable gentle-on-skin method for laundry day.

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The story behind Ecoegg


Dawn's love for the environment also played a significant role in her mission. She was deeply distressed by the copious amounts of plastic littering coastlines during her dives in Southeast Asia. This environmental concern drove her to create the reusable, plastic-reducing Laundry Egg.


Today Dawn's vision is simple yet impactful – to have an ecoegg in every household. The potential reduction in plastic alone would be immense and aligns perfectly with the Brand's core values from day one - to create a healthier, safer and more equal world for all.

We couldn't agree more! 🌍🌍🌍

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    ecoegg is an iconic laundry egg that uses chemical free detergent pellets specially designed for sensitive skins. With refills available, the ecoegg is the perfect solution to finding a sustainable, skin friendly alternative to harsh everyday laundry detergents.

    Why I Love Ecoegg

    A lot of the brands we stock at Green Tulip are real originals - those that came up with something new and disrupted the way things had been done for years without us questioning. The ecoegg was invented in 2010 and they came up with a much lower waste way of doing laundry that is surprisingly effective'. As one of our customers recently said 'I liked the idea of the Egg but truly didn't think it would work that well. I was wrong.'!

    Green Tulip Founder