From bags, accessories and jewellery to beautiful ceramics for the home, AURA QUE brings quality fair trade products from Nepal to the UK market. Founder Laura Queening started AURA QUE in 2008 as a passionate (but naive) graduate straight out of university. She had lived in Nepal for several years having taught English there before her degree, and was drawn back to Kathmandu by the warm and friendly nature of the Nepalese people, and the country’s punch to the senses with its colour, smells and culture.

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The story behind Aura Que


Laura knew that the beautiful techniques the Nepalese had mastered over generations would be loved in the UK, so she set about developing a range of products and provided the makers with a route to market. Laura admits that running a fair trade business has been a constant struggle to keep costs down whilst paying a fair price, but she is grateful for the formative learning curve she had in her twenties dealing with the cultural challenges of working as a lone woman in Nepal and India; and learning to hold her own whilst being respectful of traditions and cultural considerations.

Happy in Hastings!

Laura is proud to still be working directly with the same producers as day one, developing new product ideas and organising production runs, striving to connect UK customers to the origins of their products.

During the hot summer of 2022, AQ HQ moved out of its office and warehouse, and by the September had moved everything into one new premises on the High Street in Hastings. Even though Hastings is as geographically different as it could be from landlocked Nepal, the business has settled in well with a wonderful team from new graduates to local parents needing flexible working hours. Even Laura's Vizsla puppy Ruby helps out in the store on busy days and chats to the customers!

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    AURA QUE Ethically Handmade Accessories and Bags - Perfect for Gifts

    AURA QUE accessories and bags are individually handcrafted and the unique story behind each AURA QUE product enhances its charm. Lovely handmade gifts and beautiful fair trade homewares.

    Why I Love Aura Que

    Laura does such a great job of combining ethical sourcing with modern design - something that is quite hard to find on the market! She uses some lovely innovative materials in her products, and her colour choice are always gorgeous!

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