Ampersand Fragrances was created in 2019 by a Designer and a Perfumer who shared a simple vision. They wanted to create a brand that was all about an exploration of fragrance without distraction. The distraction being the fussy, extravagant designs with unnecessary wasteful packaging. A collection of stylish room diffusers were launched, manufactured with ethics in mind.

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The story behind Ampersand Fragrances


After manufacturing perfumes for several leading luxury fragrance brands for a number of years, Director David Walker thought it was about time he produced something amazing for himself. So in early 2022, with the same ethical vision, he launched the first ever sustainable perfume collection to challenge the industry.


David didn't just want Ampersand to be another niche brand with eclectic fragrances - he wanted to produce something that showed the quality of British Perfumery and the modern ethics today's world should be getting behind.

Ampersand work to a standard that it hopes everyone in the industry will eventually adopt. Its product is gender neutral, 99.3% plastic free, and comes neatly packaged in recycled materials. Not a cellophane wrap or any coated card to be seen!

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    British Niche Perfumery

    Ampersand Fragrances is the first ever British brand to offer a luxury fragrance collection of sustainable perfumes.  Produced in small batches and bottled by hand in Essex, it works to an ethical standard that it hopes the industry will adopt. Each fragrance is 99.3% plastic free and is neatly packaged in recycled materials.

    Why I Love Ampersand Fragrances

    I've been hunting for a unisex, ethical and affordable fragrance brand for over 10 years now and it is a pretty difficult thing to find! It was great to meet founder David at a recent trade show, and his help with choosing the right five fragrances for our assortment was much appreciated. We hope you like what we chose!

    Green Tulip Founder