Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle
Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle
Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle
Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle
Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle
Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle

Quiescent Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle

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A luxurious, clean-burning soy wax candle with a unique calming 'Quiescent' blend of pure essential oils. Perfect for meditation, yoga, before sleep or to settle the mind, it includes uplifting and cleansing eucalyptus with calming lavender and grounding frankincense. Bliss!

Presented in a recycled glass jar with aluminium lid.
Approximately 20 hours burn time. 120ml.
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This unique essential oil blend of this 'Quiescent' candle is what makes it so special. The name Quiescent comes from the adjective meaning to be at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless and this beautiful, comforting fragrance helps to bring calm and solace, perfect for times when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Eucalyptus is uplifting, cleansing and fresh whilst the floral notes of lavender softens and provides a sense of calm. Frankincense delivers a resinous base note that's grounding, complex and earthy.

Made from soy wax, a vegetable wax made from the oil of soy beans. The finished wax flakes are free from synthetic material and the blend used in this candle contains no added beeswax, palm oil or paraffin wax. The soy wax is from sustainable sources. It is grown and processed in the USA, is certified carbon neutral and is also certified free of GM materials. It is an annually renewable resource that is 100% plant-based and biodegradable.

Blended, poured and finished by hand at a small studio in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Made with 100% soy wax flakes and essential oils. Contains a cotton and linen braided wick and comes in a recycled glass pot with screw on aluminium lid to keep it fresh and dust free.

Vegan friendly.

Approximately 6.2cm high x 6cm diameter. 120ml.

About the Brand
Started in 2014 by Amalia Pothecary and James Osborn, The Botanical Candle Co is a home-grown business that is founded on the core principals of quality, fairness and transparency.

From a kitchen table side-line to an established business in the local community, Amalia and James now have a team of 16 who pour, pack and despatch thousands of candles every month. In 2018 the business moved to new premises in Shaftesbury, Dorset and was able to become a shop and studio.

Working only with 100% soy wax flakes, every single candle is still made by hand from beginning to end. The candle fragrances the team creates are close to nature with un-fussy, recognisable scents that are comforting and familiar. Minimising the environmental impact of the business is at the forefront of every decision and plastic-free packing and re-filling are closely focussed on.

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