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Balancing Aromatherapy Candle

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This aromatherapy candle is like first aid for your mood!  Handmade in Wiltshire from clean burning, sustainable plant wax, and poured into a glass jar with pharmacy style label.

The Balancing candle is fragranced with lavender, geranium and tea tree essential oils which helps create a light, healthy ambience reminiscent of a day in a Health Spa!

Never handle when lit as glass can become very hot.

Approximately 6.5cm high x 6cm diameter.  Average burn time 25-30 hours.


All the aromatherapy candles are hand mixed and poured in Wiltshire, South West England.


The aromatherapy candles are of very high quality and environmentally friendly;  made from natural wax with ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to the environment.  They are free of Petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax and are clean burning, additive free, and not tested on animals. People have become more conscious of the possible drawbacks of petroleum wax and benefits of natural wax.  Palm and Soya oil are both fantastic products, used world wide mainly in food, cosmetics, and more so recently as Bio-fuel, a petroleum alternative. For the relatively small amount used for these candles in relationship to those industries, care is taken to buy from ethical and sustainable material sources for the palm oil both in the UK and overseas.


All the aromatherapy candles contain pure essential oils in a pure plant wax.

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