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The Leakey Collection

Zulugrass is a unique and versatile type of jewellery made by the Maasai women in Kenya. Each strand contains vibrantly dyed grass combined with sparkling hand blown Czech glass beads - all threaded onto a strong elasticated thread.

They can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, anklet or even a hair band and are perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit. Easy to wear they are great for all ages - though in our shop we find they are particularly popular with teenagers and students who love the creative options available! We think they look best twisted together in a mix of colours and so have come up with some great combinations for you to choose from.

If one particular colour takes your fancy though just buy one or more single strands through our 'pick and mix' option and make a note of which one(s) you would like at the checkout.