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All of the seconds we sell are still completely 'fit for purpose'. The reason they are seconds is that they have cosmetic imperfections eg. small dirty marks, untidy stitching, or simply the packaging is missing.

Please note - because these items are sold as seconds we cannot accept returns unless the product is faulty and not 'fit for purpose'.


A very spacious, high quality, thick cotton canvas market bag with wide shoulder straps designed to carry fresh produce from the shops or food market. The bag's strength and durability means it can be used for trips to the beach or supermarket and is perfect for daily use. A practical way of helping reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans. The main body of the bag is a natural cream colour, with a stylish dark navy blue base.

Made in Québec from 100% natural cotton which is grown and woven in the United States. 
Bag measures approximately 59cm wide maximum x 48cm deep maximum.

Shoulder straps measures approximately 52.5cm long x 3.8cm wide.

Care instructions:

The less you wash your bag the better; simply shake out any crumbs and reuse it as often as you like. However if needed, wash in cold water on delicate cycle with a soft detergent and lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener.

Cotton fibre will naturally shrink by around 10-15% once washed. The bag is designed slightly bigger than needed for this reason. It must be washed in cold water and not put into the dryer as this would shrink the bag even more.


Dans le Sac's beautifully made reusable cotton bags are a great sustainable choice for taking along to your local food market or bakery and proudly refusing the plastic and paper bags which are still widely being offered for fresh produce. Dans le sac bags will last for years and therefore help to reduce our consumption and dependence on single use bags which has a major negative impact on our environment and oceans.
Dans le Sac was founded in 2016 by two friends, Stéphanie and Laurie, who are very passionate about everything that is zero waste. At the time Stéphanie was freelancing as a yoga teacher, photographer, artist and painter, and Laurie was studying education at university and into health, food and the environment.

Stéphanie would take a pillowcase to the corner bakery to pick up bread, but soon realised when she got back home that the pillowcase wasn't the most ideal aesthetic choice! Equipped with only a sewing machine and plenty of naivety, the girls went to Montreal's famous Rue Chabanel to buy fabric and began producing the prototype of what is now their reusable bread bag. Today, the bags are all made just outside Montreal, Québec, using US grown and woven cotton canvas.

By offering consumers a sustainable and reusable product, Dans le Sac’s goal is to encourage people to reduce their consumption and dependence on plastic out of a concern for both the environment and their health. They believe every action counts and can even have a significant impact.