Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace
Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace
Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace
Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace
Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace
Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace

Truly Smokey Quartz Tree Necklace

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This medium length bead necklace consists of bronze glass beads, faceted silver beads, a small smokey quartz gemstone and a small silver plated brass Tree of Life charm. The smokey quartz gemstone helps to obtain strength and grounding, with the ability to stay focused and reach personal and business goals. The Tree of Life symbolises a connection to a person's roots and the world around them; a guide for when feeling sad or lost.

Hand made traditionally through a fair trade project in Nepal. Comes with a swing tag showing the name and photo of the skilled artisan who proudly hand made the bracelet. Presented in cardboard giftbox with information leaflet.

Length including charm is approximately 59cm.
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A Beautiful Story has adhered to the principles and criteria of Fair Trade from the onset.  They believe it is paramount that every person in the chain receives an honest salary for their work or participation.  hey work in close collaboration with a small number of producers in developing countries striving to achieve a long-term business relationship, and providing support to their producers to help them raise their levels of professionalism.  They currently work with four groups of producers in Nepal and are establishing new collaborations in Peru, Bolivia and Bangladesh.

The jewellery from the Elements Collection is made in Nepal by fair trade producer Masala Beads. Masala literally means "mixture of spices”. The jewellery is made with a combination of traditional, exotic materials and techniques and incorporates modern style. The beads, feathers and other materials are carefully selected and come from Nepal and India. Japanese fashion sense combined with Nepali crafts.

A Beautiful Story has applied for official certification with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).  They have always worked according to the Fair trade principles, but they want an additional review mechanism outside of the company.  WFTO prescribes 10 standards that Fair Trade organisations must comply with in their daily practices. WFTO also checks whether the principles have actually been put into practice.  The Fair Trade criteria for WFTO are as follows:

Create opportunities for producers in economically disadvantaged situations.
Transparency and accountability.
Fair trade principles (including 50% deposit to producer).
Fair price.
No child or forced labour.
No discrimination, gender equality and freedom to join a union.
Good and safe working conditions.
Training producers (capacity building), including assistance in professionalizing their businesses.
Promoting Fair-trade products.
Think about environmental issues.

All of A Beautiful Story's producers know that plastic is out of the question, and all materials must be either biodegradable or recycled.

About the Brand

A Beautiful Story offers unique and contemporary jewellery collections which are hand made by four groups of fair trade producers in Nepal. Each range has its own special meaning, created to bring you happiness - and of course fair trade standards to complete the 'Beautiful Story'!

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