''Sucseed' A5 Reclaimed Coffee Beans Notebook

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This softback A5 notebook features a stylish brown cover made from recycled paper mixed with reclaimed coffee bean waste. Its pages are also recycled, and include a mixture of lined and blank pages and numbered notes pages, perfect for itemising and creating lists. What's more, a 10% donation from the sale of each notebook goes to supporting children’s education projects worldwide.

Designed in Great Britain and sustainably produced in Italy using 100% green energy. Plastic free packaging.

A5 size - approximately 15cm wide x 21cm long.

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Key features include:-

Cover produced from reclaimed coffee bean waste & recycled paper
Silver embossed embellishments on front and back cover
160 pages (80 sheets) of recycled 80gsm paper
Contains lined, plain and numbered notes pages
Page marker & belly band made from reclaimed corn pulp
Plastic free packaging

A minimum of 10% of the price of this product goes to supporting children's education projects worldwide – supporting children affected by war and conflict, natural disasters and extreme poverty back in to school. That is not 10% of profit as many organisations do, but actually 10% of the sales value, from the first item to the last one sold.
About the Brand
VENT for Change is a Bristol-based sustainable stationery company that supports children’s education projects worldwide. Proceeds from every VENT product sold go towards global education projects supporting children affected by war and conflict, natural disasters and extreme poverty back into school.

In 2014 environmental entrepreneur Evan Lewis bought an ageing run-down facility producing pencils from recycled CD cases. After 18 months of improvements, his team were able to produce an additional one million pencils a year.

During this time there was a string of devastating natural and man-made disasters affecting children worldwide, especially their education. After months of research with NGOs and charities, it was clear education was a priority the world over. Evan had a potential one million spare pencils being produced each year, but the key at that time was money rather than pencils. Money to rebuild schools, pay teachers and provide essential materials. Evan decided to sell his pencils and other stationery here in the UK and from the proceeds, support existing education projects around the world.

Since then Evan launched a Pencils with Purpose programme aimed at education charities working here in the UK and overseas. Providing free pencils meant charities could spend their money on other important essentials. He also started up Share a Pencil Day, a global education awareness day for UK school children, and an Ambassador for Change programme which provides free pencils to charities and volunteers working overseas. Pencils are given out free to those who need them most. Each year VENT organises the UK's largest free to participate Education Awareness Day teaching UK school children some of the reasons why millions of children worldwide are still missing out on the education they deserve.

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