Soft & Scrub Reusable Makeup Wipes - Pack of 5 - Grey/White
Soft & Scrub Reusable Makeup Wipes - Pack of 5 - Grey/White
Soft & Scrub Reusable Makeup Wipes - Pack of 5 - Grey/White

Soft & Scrub Reusable Makeup Wipes - Pack of 5 - Grey/White

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These handy little reusable make up wipes are designed as a replacement for disposable, single use make-up wipes so make a great addition to the plastic free bathroom. Each wipe features 100% cotton towelling fabric in grey and white geo print on one side, perfect for exfoliating or scrubbing your face clean. The other side has an ultra soft, organic cotton fleece which is gentle and smooth, perfect for wiping tired eyes after a long day. Once used, pop into a washbag and throw in the washing machine with similar colours at 30 degrees.

Being square rather than the standard round shape wastes less fabric during production. Any small scraps of leftover fabric is used to stuff teddy bears and other items, turning waste into something lovely, so nothing goes to landfill!

Made entirely by hand in North Yorkshire, so each wipe may vary slightly in size and shape.

Pack contains five wipes. Each wipe is sized between 7-8cm square. However, as they are not pre-washed, please expect some shrinkage.

Hand wash or machine at 30 degrees recommended.

Then simply air dry and use again!

Care Instructions:
There may be some discolouration over time. The sooner your wipes are washed the less likely they are to be stained.
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These reusable wipes are designed to promote the adoption of more sustainable habits, and inherently strive to reduce the millions of tons of waste associated with single use items going to landfill every day. As well as reducing waste, reuse also saves money – a double benefit!


The fabric for these wipes is hand cut, secured on a sewing machine and finished by hand in North Yorkshire.
About the Brand
When Cat, the founder of Little Green Wood, got into her 30's she finally realised her frustrations in life with work, stress, finances, health issues and every day wastefulness wasn't good for her mental or physical wellbeing and it was time for a dramatic life change.

After a lot of searching for ways to improve her lifestyle and attitude towards everyday life stresses, the idea for Little Green Wood was born. The ideas and designs are a combination of Cat's passions, her continuing strive for a healthy lifestyle whilst being kind to the planet, and her ethos that making small adjustments to every day habits, over time can help to create a healthier you and in turn a healthier world.

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