Pema Banana Yarn Scarf - Slate Blue
Pema Banana Yarn Scarf - Slate Blue
Pema Banana Yarn Scarf - Slate Blue
Pema Banana Yarn Scarf - Slate Blue
Pema Banana Yarn Scarf - Slate Blue

Pema Banana Yarn Scarf - Slate Blue

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This thick, slate blue, heavyweight scarf is made from sustainable banana fibre produced from the waste foliage of the banana plant. It features a slub-textured, linen-like, loose weave and has a distressed, rustic feel to it designed to appeal to men and women alike.

Banana fibre becomes softer and more flexible with wear and is an ideal alternative for those who suffer from wool allergies, or those who prefer not to wear animal-derived fabrics.

Hand made through a fair trade producer in Nepal from banana fibre grown in the Terai flat farming area of South Nepal. Banana plants have to be cut back after the fruit harvest, so trading this waste product provides vital extra income for the farmers who employ local people, enabling them to support themselves and their families.

Coloured with azo-free dyes. Comes with swing tag detailing the fair trade nature of the product.

Machine washable on a cool wash. Do not tumble dry.

Approximately 40cm wide x 190cm long including fringe.
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Hand made from sustainable banana yarn fibre, a fabric produced from the waste foliage of the banana plant, grown in the Terai flat farming area of South Nepal.

Banana yarn fibre is 100% natural and produced sustainably from the pruned excess outer layers of the banana tree after each fruit harvest. The outer fibre is beaten into a pull, strained to remove excess liquid, dried and then washed several times to get a purer colour. The fibre is then spun into yarn. This process creates a product from the wastage from the banana crop, providing an extra income for Nepali farmers in rural areas.

Banana production is farmed the world over, with estimates that over one billion tons of banana plant stalks are discarded per year, causing a huge agricultural waste problem.

Though not commonly used, banana fibre is a substitute for silk in Japan and traditionally woven into ceremonial garments such as the Kimono. It is also what the Japanese Yen currency is made from!


AURA QUE works closely with small producer groups that are WFTO members to ensure healthy and safe work environments and payment of living wages. They also encourage trade for small Nepalese family businesses and charity handicraft units, aiming to slowly build long term relationships with these suppliers, under the same fair principles. These producers employ local people that may be affected by discrimination or disabilities, providing an income for themselves and their families according to fair trade principles.

AURA QUE also helps to make a difference to underprivileged communities by investing in equipment, encouraging return orders and developing the skills of the producers.
About the Brand
AURA QUE was founded in 2008 by Laura Queening, from which the name AURA QUE was taken. Laura lived in Nepal for several years, working directly with producers developing new patterns and ideas as well as organising production runs. She worked with Deepchand's workshop in Bhaktapur, a workshop that employed local women who worked flexible hours near their homes enabling them to earn an income around their family commitments. They prepared the looms, spun the bobbins and hand made the fabric in a looser weave for the scarves.

Laura has been working with the same fair trade producer for over 10 years, but now that she is living in Hastings, she visits Kathmandu for a few months every year to source new materials, sample new designs, maintain quality control and catch up with old friends!

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