Organic Nail Polish Remover
Organic Nail Polish Remover
Organic Nail Polish Remover
Organic Nail Polish Remover

Organic Nail Polish Remover

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To remove nail polish effectively it is necessary to use ingredients with good solvent properties. Acetone and ethyl acetate are most commonly used for their efficiency and attractive price, but both are well known for their drying effects on the skin and nails. They are highly flammable, irritating to the eyes and to the respiratory tract.

This certified organic nail polish remover contains ethyl lactate, a 100% natural solvent which gently removes nail polish without drying out or harming the skin. Organic bamboo hydrosol is added for its high content of organic silica, an ingredient known for its moisturising and regenerating properties, helping to strengthen nails and make them more resistant to splitting and chipping.

Made in France from natural and organic ingredients. Comes in a recyclable plastic bottle.

Vegan friendly. Certified organic by Cosmebio.


Please note - For hygiene reasons, we are not able to accept the return of Make-Up products.
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All Zao products are certified as organic or eco by Ecocert (according to the Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmos Standard standards) and labelled Cosmebio. The Cosmebio label shows at a glance that a cosmetic product is truly natural or organic. The label is based on demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values. An inspection by an independent certifier is mandatory every year to check the conformity of the products.

As human skin absorbs up to 60% of what is put onto it, Zao chooses to use raw materials from organic farming. By selecting ingredients free of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, they are also minimising soil pollution and groundwater, protecting biodiversity and taking care of the population's health.


Zao follows an ethical and sustainable approach to living in harmony with nature. They pride themselves on manufacturing sustainably crafted products with a low carbon footprint, consciously contributing to our planet's conservation.

Zao's packaging is made from controlled, sustainably harvested bamboo and is stylish, elegant and durable. The powders, leaves and oils extracted from the bamboo plant are also used and are present in all of their products for their beauty and health qualities. The innovative bamboo refill system increases Zao's commitment to sustainability and the cost-effectiveness is passed on to the consumer.



*ingredients from Organic Farming.
**made using organic ingredients.

27% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.
100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard available at:

About the Brand
Zao Organic is a luxury make-up brand owned by Cosm’Etika France. It was co-founded in 2012 by four friends, David Reccole, Philippe Donnat, Yvan Rouvier and Salima Macozzi Reccole. Lovers of nature and aware of the impact the world's consumption has on the environment, the friends chose to develop a brand of organic makeup in accordance with their values. Zao Make-Up was born, the first refillable make-up brand which is 100% natural, vegan and certified organic by Ecocert.

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