Organic Dukkah - 55g
Organic Dukkah - 55g
Organic Dukkah - 55g

Organic Dukkah - 55g

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Traditionally, dukkah is eaten by dipping fresh Egyptian baladi bread (pitta bread will do!) first into olive oil and then into a dukkah mix, but you can also use it to sprinkle over salads or vegetables or as a crust for fish or chicken. Dukkah can be added to potatoes, cooked and tossed in hot oil - it just adds that little extra!

This organic dukkah is a complex blend of chunky pyramids of sea salt, organic chickpeas and organic coriander, cumin and sunflower seeds which are lightly toasted until they reach a golden brown shade that enhances the flavours and gives warmth. The seeds are then ground individually to give a coarse, chunky texture and blended with the rest of the ingredients.

Blended and packaged by hand in the UK in small batches for maximum freshness. Presented in a glass jar with screw on lid.

Certified organic by the Soil Association.

Approximately 6cm high x 6cm diameter. 52g.

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Certified organic by The Soil Association. Steenbergs and their suppliers must follow strict procedures on separation between organic and any non-organic spices to prevent cross-contamination, as well as using cleaning materials approved for organic processing. Steenbergs is registered and audited annually by the Organic Food Federation.


Blended together in a small factory in rural North Yorkshire.


Organic cracked chickpeas, organic cracked sunflower seeds, organic cracked coriander seeds, organic ground cumin powder, natural sea salt (4%), organic cracked yellow mustard seeds, organic garlic granules, organic coarse ground black pepper, organic kibbled onions, organic ground fennel seeds, organic spearmint.

About the Brand

Artisan spice company, Steenbergs Organic, was set up in North Yorkshire in 2003 with the aim of providing high quality organic spices and organic cooking ingredients packed with flavour, aroma and provenance. All Steenbergs spices are ethically sourced, organic, carbon neutral and beautifully packaged making them ideal gifts for the budding 'Heston' in your life to cook up some fun and delicious creations!

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