Olive Wood Ridged Soap Dish
Olive Wood Ridged Soap Dish
Olive Wood Ridged Soap Dish

Olive Wood Ridged Soap Dish

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This oval soap dish is hand carved in Turkey from sustainable olive wood and, being a bi-product from the olive industry, no olive trees were damaged or destroyed to make it.  It has a ridged centre to keep your soap nice and firm, and it's eye-catching, individual design makes is a beautiful bathroom essential.  Every soap dish produced from this hard wood has a varying smooth grain, making every piece a little bit unique.

Dimensions: 7cm wide x 12.5cm long x 1.5cm deep.

Care Instructions:
Olive wood inherently contains olive oil which can stay in the wood for many years.  This may sometimes cause the dishes to 'bleed' when wet. This ‘bleeding' is only olive oil and does not stain bathroom or kitchen surfaces. The oil can also stain some light coloured soaps but this is not harmful, it just needs to be cleaned with a nail brush and left to dry.  Please do not allow the soap dish to sit in water - like the soap, it needs to be able to dry out. The wood will lighten with use but if fed with olive oil it will regain its depth of colour.

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Made from natural olive wood.


All the olive wood soap dishes are hand carved in Turkey and are a bi product from the Olive industry.  Olive trees need to be pruned to produce a good tasty olive with a high yield, and after a certain age the olive tree becomes damaged and unproductive.  To keep up with the pace of nature, very old trees have to be replaced with new trees, and the wood from the largest salvageable branches are used to make these soap dishes.  Consequently, no olive trees are damaged or destroyed to make this product.

About the Brand
Eco Bath is a London based business whose founders grew up on a family farm in Southern Turkey. With an abundance of sunshine, the family have been successfully growing loofah, apricots, grapefruit, cotton and bay berries for over 20 years. The idea for Eco Bath started in 1992, when the family began harvesting these natural materials to hand-craft bath and body products inspired by those used in traditional Turkish baths.

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