Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet
Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet
Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet
Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet
Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet
Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet

Kantha Rainbow Slide Bracelet

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This colourful, upcycled slide bracelet is made up of small beads which are hand carved from wood scraps and covered with repurposed Kantha textiles. Kantha textiles are scraps of fabric taken from recycled saris and dhotis so the colours and patterns of each bead will vary - creating a bracelet which is totally unique and one of a kind. Features gold thread slide closure.

The images above show some of the designs that are available, but the actual design received may differ from those shown.

Hand made in India by women artisans who are working to improve their lives through fair trade.

Internal diameter measures approximately 4cm adjustable to 7cm maximum. Slide adjustment to fit most wrists. Beads measure approximately 0.5cm diameter.
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Upcycled from old Kantha textiles. Kantha textiles are among India’s most treasured examples of artisanship. An exercise in resourcefulness, the techniques of kantha first emerged in West Bengal and Bihar, where women would recycle old saris and dhotis, layering, stitching and embellishing the scrap fabric to make blankets for their babies. Even the threads of the original cloth were pulled out and re-used for embroidery.


WorldFinds work directly with all of their artisan groups in India, Indonesia and Nepal. These groups include a combination of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) members, women’s co-operatives and small families of artisans. They are all talented, low income craftspeople who are paid a liveable wage and have safe working conditions, access to healthcare, childcare, and ongoing training and education.

The brand has been working with many of these groups for over a decade – during that time they have seen many artisans lift themselves out of poverty and even launch their own successful businesses, strengthening the entire community.


Hand made by women artisans in India who are empowered by working to improve their lives through fair trade.


World Finds

About the Brand
Founder Kelly Weinberger and her husband David left their jobs in 1999 to travel around the world. After spending time in many developing countries and experiencing the tremendous poverty, Kelly was determined the next phase of her life would be to make a difference in some of the communities she had visited.

Back in the States, Kelly started to source products from some of the fair trade organisations and small artisans in India, Indonesia and Nepal, and began to build a market. She connected with the Fair Trade Federation, and was thrilled to find a community of like-minded individuals. WorldFinds had a clear goal – to provide work, not charity, to artisans by finding markets for their handmade products. Kelly noticed there were not many well designed products available at that time and her marketing background and passion for design allowed her to develop distinctive products not currently available.

At first Kelly persevered single-handedly, then David came on board full-time, and today there is a hard-working team of eight. Most importantly, the artisan groups that create WorldFinds products have experienced significant improvement in their communities, which the brand has seen first hand during regular visits. Each time it is evident how fair trade practices have changed their lives – they have been able to hire more women artisans, improve educational programs, send their girls to school and expand healthcare initiatives. These real people continue to be the heart and soul of WorldFinds!

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