'Into The Woods' Beeswax Melts - Pack of 6

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These beautifully wrapped 'Into The Woods' beeswax melts were created by hand with the thought in mind of when life becomes a little too hectic and it’s time to escape into nature; walking amongst the trees, in the dappled sunlight, bringing calm and clarity to the busiest of minds.

With the uplifting and earthy blend of zesty lime to reawaken the senses, fir needle to lift your spirits and cypress and cedarwood to help reduce anxiety and fatigue; a beautiful aroma is created bringing the peace and tranquillity of a stroll amongst the leaves without leaving your home. 'Into The Woods' includes six melts that come in four pretty leaf shapes, which are presented so beautifully they make a lovely hand made gift for someone special.

The beeswax used in these melts is classed as Grade A which is the highest quality available, practically straight from the hive. The beeswax is either sourced from beehives in the UK or if at the time that's not possible, it is supplied by trusted beekeepers in Hungary. By itself, the beeswax is a glorious rich caramel colour and its scent is that of honey, flowers and woodland.

Blended by hand in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside from 100% natural ingredients. Free from chemicals and nasties. Wrapped in recyclable greaseproof paper and presented in brown kraft paper tied with brown string and gift tag ready for giving.

When the fragrance in the melts has exhausted, a few drops of essential oil can be added when the melt is warm to refresh the scent, meaning it can be used over and over again.

Please note: All wax warmers should be treated with caution. Never leave a naked flame or wax warmer unattended.

Essentially a wax melt is a tiny candle without a wick. It is quite small so it can fit into the top of an oil burner or wax warmer. The scent is often a lot more concentrated and if used correctly and in the right conditions, it can fill a room with wonderful aromas.

If used with an oil burner, simply pop the wax melt into the top of the burner, place a lit tea light underneath and allow the wax to gradually melt. Depending on the size of the oil burner, the wax may heat up faster and burn the scent off quicker. With smaller oil burners, the naked flame is much closer to where the wax sits and can almost scorch it. To avoid this happening, use an oil burner on the larger side. Remember to never overfill the oil burner with wax melts, opt for just using one at any one time.

An electric wax warmer works by placing the wax melt in the dish provided which is then placed over the warmer light. The heat from the light bulb gently warms and melts the wax, creating a much more subtle but constant scent from the melt. Beeswax has a melting point of around 62 degrees Celsius (144 Fahrenheit) so the warmer needs to be able to heat to that temperature to be able to melt the wax. Some wax warmers are more suited for soy wax melts as soy wax has a much lower melting point, so it’s always good to double check.

Package measures approximately 6cm wide x 14cm long. Contains 6 beeswax melts.

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Made from the finest natural ingredients. The beeswax is classed as Grade A which is the highest quality available, no chemicals, no nasties, practically straight from the hive. It is either sourced from beehives in the UK or if at the time, that is not possible, it is supplied by trusted beekeepers in Hungary. All of the essential oils used are cruelty free and ethically and sustainably sourced.


Made and packaged by hand in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside.


Beeswax, coconut oil, cedarwood essential oil, lime essential oil, cypress essential oil, fir needle essential oil.
About the Brand
Founder Siobhan, the mama behind the wax melts lives in the Yorkshire countryside in a little cottage with her husband, daughter and blue staffie.

The natural world in which we live has always amazed Siobhan since she was a young girl; over the years that fascination and curiosity has grown into a real passion and respect for just how beautiful Mother Nature is and how important it is that we as humans do what we can to sustain her future.

Siobhan had always dreamt of setting up her own business and, using the knowledge she gained from her 5 years' experience with LUSH Cosmetics along with per passion about the environment, she wanted to keep things as authentic and as real as possible; harnessing and celebrating the gifts that Mother Earth has given us but also showing her the respect and consideration she deserves.

With this as her main focus, Siobhan set about creating beautiful products that are planet friendly, ethical, inspired by nature and something that people could really benefit from.

The seed for Blended By Mama was planted and since its birth in October 2019, has grown into something Siobhan is really rather proud of.

Blended by Mama regularly donates to 'More Trees', a charitable organisation based in the UK that partners with tree planters across the globe. The planters
work with local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. By planting trees it helps offset emissions while providing co-benefits such as water filtration, shelter, food sources, poverty alleviation and biodiversity.

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