Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar
Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar
Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar
Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar
Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar
Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar

Bare Coconuts - Natural Soap Bar

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The 'Bare Coconuts Zero Filth' natural soap bar makes a great unisex product with its unique, rugged shape and cool design. It comes presented in fun, plastic free packaging which also makes it a great gift for those who strive to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom.

The soap is made with a high percentage of sustainable coconut oil which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and creates a rich, creamy lather. Keeping it simple, the only other ingredients in this soap are shea butter, a very small amount of white clay and a touch of charcoal, making it a great choice for those who prefer to avoid any type of essential oil, such as those with hyper sensitive skins. As Primal Suds say 'Sometimes No Scents makes Sense'!

Hand made in Hampshire in small batches and presented in a brown card box. Contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients, and is free from palm oil.

Vegan friendly.

Minimum weight 120g.

Box measures approximately 7cm wide x 9cm long x 3cm high.

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All Primal Suds products are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are also palm oil free and plastic free, and are vegan friendly.


All Primal Suds products are made in Southampton, UK in small batches to maximise freshness.



Sodium cocoate (Coconut oil), Aqua, Glycerin*, Kaolin white clay, Sodium shea butterate, Charcoal powder.

*Naturally occurring in the soap making process.

About the Brand
Founders Andrew and Jen had the idea for Primal Suds after taking the decision to move away from conventional soap products and make their own. That way they knew exactly what was going onto their skin and being absorbed by their bodies. The young brand's aim was to make natural soaps affordable and obtainable for people wanting to leave synthetic and additive-pumped soaps behind.

The name Primal Suds came from the idea of taking soap making back in time, using the historic hot process method with activated charcoal. This method is not just beneficial for its deep cleansing qualities, but also an affirmation to ancient soap makers for mixing fats with fire ash and developing the first soaps known to man, which happened to be free of unearthly additives as well.

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