Bamboo Cup Lid - Dark Blue

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This handy dark blue twist on spare lid fits all Chic Mic's stylish range of reusable bamboo cups. It has a patented, flip down sealing function making the cup easy to carry with minimal spillage.

Made in Germany from sustainable bamboo fibre, corn powder and a minimal amount of melamine which is needed as a binder. Bamboo is also naturally sterile so it is odourless and won’t leave any taste residue. Comes presented in a natural card box.

Bamboo is one of the world's most sustainable resources, and is biodegradable too so at the end of it's life, the silicone seal can be removed and it can be popped in with the compost. The silicone seal is recyclable.

Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave use. Please note the lid can break if dropped.

Quality tested according to EU standards 10/2011 and 1935/2004 by TÜV Rheinland.

Fits Chic Mic 400ml bamboo coffee cups only.

Approximately 9.5cm diameter.

Bringing your own re-usable cup for your take away drink will help go towards reducing the amount of single use cups sent to landfill each year, as 99% are not recyclable!

Disposable paper cups usually contain 5% polyurethane plastic, making composting and recycling extremely rare. Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world - that’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet!

The bamboo fibre does contain a small amount of melamine as part of the blend which holds all of the fibres together and makes it durable.

When you‘re finished with your bamboo fibre cup you can crush it, soak it in boiling water and bury it with your organic compost to start the biodegrading process. The silicone sleeve is recyclable.

Quality tested according to EU standards 10/2011 and 1935/2004 by TÜV Rheinland.
Chic Mic is a German company offering a stylish range of reusable cups and lunch boxes using eco friendly materials. Founded in 2010 and now based in Frankfurt , the company use licensed designs of well-known artists to give their products a unique and creative edge.