Kate's Green Tulip Christmas Shopping List

by Deborah McCaughan

Kate's Christmas Shopping List

We have so many gorgeous, lovely gifts at Green Tulip and as they all have to be photographed for the website, I spend quite a lot of my time thinking 'Oo, I'd like this'. But of course, I don't buy everything I like (I'd be broke!) just make a mental list of those I 'need' and pass on the list to my family for Christmas and birthdays. Which got me thinking about all the lovely things I could get them for Christmas! So here are a few of my favourites...


Husbands like cycling, DIY, walking the dogs, beer and cooking the occasional hot curry! At least mine does, but I'm betting there's a few more out there... So here's my choices for him (and I really hope he's not going to read this blog!). 
  • The Lucky Buddha Beer Glass  (£10) has been creatively reformed from a used Lucky beer bottle. Lucky is a light, Asian-style lager brewed and bottled in China and the bottle famously features an embossed Buddha design. Perfect as an accompaniment to the curry!
  • The Thought Cycling socks (£6) are made from sustainable bamboo fabric which  is naturally thermo regulating, so as well as keeping feet warm, these socks can just as importantly keep feet cool in the heat. No more sweaty feet!
  • Of course with all the cycling, DIY, dog walking and cooking, he's going to need to keep clean, so Soap Daze Black Pepper & Ginger Soap on a Rope (£8) is perfect for the shower and the sink. And it's retro - 'soap on a rope' will deliver a laugh as well as a great present!
  • Sourced Life's Upcycled Truck Tarpaulin Washbag (£24) is a 'one of a kind' for your 'one of a kind'!! Every wash bag is a true 'one-off' due to its upcycled material and may show signs of wear with rugged markings from a past life hammering the highways of Europe - we call it character!


I love my dogs and I start thinking about what to get them for Christmas way before anyone else.  We have the tradition that the youngest goes first when unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, the dogs agree with this as they are the babies, mayhem ensues and we end up laughing (and videoing) so much that our presents get forgotten for a while! Here are a few of the gifts I have decided to wrap up for them this year.
  • Lily's Kitchen Christmas Cracker Treats for Dogs (£3.50) are bursting with freshly prepared turkey, cranberries and thyme.  Includes a sprinkling of cinnamon - a wonderfully warming anti-inflammatory that helps boost energy, circulation and brain health. Perfect for 8 year old Poppy so she can keep up with Barney!
  • Beco Rope (Medium £5) is a 100% natural rope toy made from durable cotton and sustainably sourced hemp.  Hemp is naturally antibacterial and can therefore help to keep teeth clean. It also has short fibres that are easily digested if swallowed.  And it's great for playing 'pulley' which is Poppy and Barney's favourite game.
  • The Beco Bone (Medium £10) is a vanilla-scented dog bone with hole to fill with treats for hours of fun. And as it is made from sustainable rice husk rubber, it is sturdy, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Important for young Barney who likes to test his toys to the point of destruction!
  • After all the fun and excitement of Christmas day (every day for our 2 pooches) bedtime relaxation is essential with Lily's Kitchen Organic Bedtime Biscuits. (£3) They contain probiotic yoghurt as well as organic chamomile and passion flowers to aid calmness for a good night's sleep.  They are also hypoallergenic and wheat/gluten free with no chemicals or anything artificial. From 4 months, so perfect for baby Barney.


A tough one- not to choose for, but how to limit the choices! My mum loves painting, baking, gardening, chocolate, walking the dogs and looking after her grandchildren (I'm fairly sure about the last part!). Here are just some of the lovely gifts my Mum can expect this Christmas... 
  • The beautiful Paper High Purple Leather Journal  (£15) with leather thong closure and criss-cross stitch binding detail at the spine, has recycled cotton paper pages, hand made from rags left over from the Indian garment industry. A lovely gift for sketching or jotting down notes.
  • Manumit's Silk & Linen Stripe Scarf  (£10) in grape is Fair Trade and made from a mix of a soft linen/silk blend and slubby pure silk, making it extra soft and comfy to wear. A perfect way to dress up any outfit.
  • Our Natural Gift Company Ultimate Lavender Natural Gift Set (£26) is perfect for my mum as she loves the calming fragrance of lavender. Packed with gorgeous, natural lavender goodies, hopefully she will be serene when the grandchildren come to visit!
  • She is also partial to the occasional chocolate, so I think she will love these Cocoa Loco Organic Sloe Gin Truffles (£6.50) Six smooth and rich mouthfuls of Sloe Gin and chocolate heaven made with a subtle Sloe Gin ganache and dusted in deliciously sweet raspberry. An unusual and sophisticated Christmas treat.

Happily, I now have a comprehensive Christmas list, which I am about to make public, so apart from the dogs who can't read, there is no changing my mind. Although with these gorgeous Green Tulip goodies, I don't think I'd want to! Watch out for the other Green Tulip team member's Christmas shopping lists which will be coming over the next few weeks! Happy shopping!


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