How to travel in comfort and style this Summer!

by Deborah McCaughan

The opportunity to travel can be amazing.  New sights, sounds and smells can be a feast for the senses.  But getting to your destination can sometimes leave you feeling frazzled. Whether you are travelling alone for business, or planning your family Summer getaway, we have put together some tips to help you complete your trip with ease, and in comfort and style!

Creating a home from home

When travelling, taking a few 'home comforts' with you could make all the difference to how relaxed and happy your stay is.  Here are our tips for light-weight items you might like to pack to make your base a home from home.  These are all designed to appeal to your senses to turn a bland, hot or noisy hotel room into a relaxing haven.


When arriving in your hotel room hungry and thirsty after a long, grimy journey a cup of tea is probably just what you need. However we all know the hotel's dusty teabags just won't cut the mustard, so how about taking your favourite teabags with you?  They are light to transport and give a refreshing taste of home.  Concentrate on the smell of the tea as you brew and drink it and let it refresh and reinvigorate you. Similarly, a taste of something fresh can have the same effect. Maybe try taking fruit, muffins or chocolate with you in an insulated bag with an ice pack?  You can then treat yourself to a taste of home as you travel - it will pep you up far more than salty aeroplane food! Hotels often charge a fortune for the bottled water in the mini-bar.  Keep plastic-free and hydrated on the move with our refillable bottles (as long as the tap water is safe to drink of course). 


Smell is one of our most important senses and plays a big part in our mood.  Try an invigorating shower with a lemongrass shower gel to perk you up.  Or, if its relaxation that you are after, bathing with your favourite bath melt and turning down harsh hotel bathroom lighting in favour of a trio lavender tealights on the edge of your bath can set you up for the evening ahead, or a great night's sleep.  Close your eyes and concentrate on the comfort of the water and the soothing aromas.  You can also try our Relaxing box - which has a selection of lovely things and is a ready-made kit to improve your trip!


Choose carefully when selecting which bag to take with you when travelling.  We recommend a cross-body style, which will be comfortable on your shoulder, leave your hands free, and is roomy enough to take everything you need - whilst staying zipped up and secure. When packing to go away make sure the items you take work hard for you.  A light, Summer weight scarf is a brilliant example of one such item.  This one above is generously-sized and silky-soft - made of breathable bamboo viscose, derived from sustainable bamboo fibre.
  1. Position it to protect your body from the hot sun, when sunbathing or waiting at the airport or station.
  2. Make a make shift (but lovely) bikini top - or opened out and tied around your waist as a sarong for the beach.
  3. Roll it up, or keep it around your neck, as a travel cushion - when you need to grab some sleep on a flight or a train.
  4. If the curtains where you are staying prove inadequate - try using your scarf as an eye mask.  This style can easily be washed whilst on the move and will dry quickly.
  5. Change the look of your outfit and maintain your body temperature when travelling in and out of air-conditioned rooms and into hot environments.


Technology has revolutionised how we listen to music.  We can now take our entire music collection with us digitally on our phones (as well as our entire book collections)! But it's not just filling our hotel rooms with familiar music that can help us to relax when travelling - try an audio book or downloading an entertaining pod cast to transport you. If you prefer absence of sound, taking some ear plugs with you might help you block out all those unfamiliar overnight sounds of hotel doors banging and other guests chatting in the corridor, and take you to a more chilled out place.  Or download a 'white noise' app to soothe you to sleep. We hope some of those tips help enhance your travel experience.  Wherever you are travelling this Summer, have an amazing and relaxing time!