Deborah's Green Tulip Christmas List

by Deborah McCaughan

Deborah's Green Tulip Christmas Shopping List


My favourite part of my job is when I am writing the descriptions of all the new products to put on the Green Tulip website. I usually sit at my desk with the goodies in front of me thinking about how I can describe a smell or a taste or how soft and gorgeous something is! It's quite a challenge sometimes to come up with the right words as I have written the descriptions for several thousand gorgeous gifts over the last 7 years! You may think it would therefore be easy for me to choose some presents for my family but because I know so much about everything we sell it was actually a challenge narrowing it down to just 3 gifts for each one!

Mother In Law

Trying to find a gift for a mother in law who has everything is a pretty challenging task – going down the alcohol or chocolate route can sometimes be a little predictable, especially when it’s wrapped! A bottle is just a bottle at the end of the day and doesn’t feel all that special when it comes to Christmas time. So with that in mind, I know that my mother in law would like a little something healthy (other than a tipple!) to help her mind relax at night time. And as she is jetting off to Australia for the festive period (where it is summer!!) here are my choices: The Serenity Slumber Pillow Mist (£12) is 100% natural, made with distilled floral waters infused with a blend of mood soothing and de-stressing ylang ylang, geranium, sweet orange, cedarwood, patchouli and lavender essential oils to relax and aid sleep.  Because it is made with only with natural and organic ingredients it will not stain pillowcases. The Sleep Tight Natural Gift Set (£23) is also a great choice with the pulse point roller which means she can take it to help her relax on her long flight to Australia. Another great idea is the Lace Fan Bamboo Scarf (£26) for her to take to Australia. Bamboo fabric is naturally thermo regulating, so this scarf works well in warmer weather as well as colder days. It also doubles up as a sarong so is perfect for her holiday ☀️

Adult Son

When boys start getting a little older and turning into adults, I think most start to recognise and appreciate quality, and are more interested in where things come from.  They start to care about unnecessary waste and want to know that things are made using clean processes and fair working conditions. Niall is 23, and a freelance broadcaster so works odd hours and has a 2 hour commute to work so spends a lot of time in the car. He quite often prepares himself some lunch in the morning and takes it with him to have later in the car as he usually gets home quite late in the evening. A good gift for him would be the Leak Resistant Rectangle Lunch Box with Silicone Seal (£18) He enjoys healthy food and doesn’t have much spare cash to splash on lunch every day, so this lunch box means he can prepare his favourite dishes (usually containing lots of garlic and chorizo!) at home and take them with him. Another good choice to accompany the lunch box would be the bamboo Large Spork Two.0 (£3.75) with the long handle it is easier to eat a pasta dish or wholesome salad with than its smaller versions. Obviously, like most young men, Niall enjoys a good beer during his leisure time.  He is into flavoursome craft beers and last year has also taken on a challenge with a friend to try a beer from each country of the world (not all in the same week I hasten to add!).  He would love the Wild Beer Company Tumblers (£15) a pair of tall glasses that have been up-cycled in Cornwall from the original beer bottle.  Wild Beer Company ales are brewed in Somerset, and many have unusual and seasonal flavours blended using ingredients foraged from the wild.

My Adult Niece

My niece Laura has just moved into a beautiful cottage in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside so was extremely easy to buy for this year!  Even though they have just installed a lovely log burner in her living room,  the rest of the cottage is fuelled by oil filled radiators and this recent cold snap has certainly taken its toll as she still currently saving up to buy oil! I think Laura would appreciate a lovely grey Chunky Knit Recycled Wool Throw to snuggle up with.   She loves her home comforts and the fact that it is made from recycled wool clothing which is cleaned, broken down into fibres and spun into yarn makes it more special to give as a gift. Laura is also a huge wildlife enthusiast, and loves anything stag or pheasant related!  This beautifully illustrated A5 Stag Notebook would be great for her to jot down reminders and to-do notes now that she is running her own tight ship! There is also the added bonus for her to know that a donation is made to Woodland Trust for every item sold. As it’s Laura’s first Christmas in her cottage, she is extremely excited about making it all lovely and Christmassy!  I thought a nice festive aroma would be great so chose the Orange, Clove & Cinnamon Boxed Candle (£9.50). Now that I have three of my family ticked off my present list it is time for me to have a think about what I might like for myself. After all with a husband and two sons they do need a hint or two dropped!

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