Cat's Green Tulip Christmas Shopping List

by Deborah McCaughan

Cat's Green Tulip Christmas List

I love packing our customer's orders - sometimes they look (and smell) so gorgeous it inspires me to think which of my friends and family an order would most appeal to! Getting to know the products gives me a real sense of familiarity with them and I have some firm favourites. Here's my list of who I am buying for this Christmas and what I have chosen. It was so difficult, at times I realised I was choosing all my favourites - mentally shopping for myself!? Oops, it's a bit of an occupational hazard at Green Tulip!

For my adorable, young-girl cousin

My cousin's daughter is 18 months old and just adorable! Just learning to walk and talk and express her own opinions.  She loves dogs and animals and exploring the beaches near where they live in West Wales. I chose: My First Camera (£11) This cute 'first' camera should be a real hit.  Really smooth and chunky to hold, with kaleidoscope lens, pushable shutter button and a dotty wrist strap.  She will love asking friends, pets and family to say 'cheese' for her! A Fluf organic candy stripe backpack (£28) which actually also doubles as a lunch bag. Cute and compact, it makes a perfect hands-free lunch kit bag and is a great size for independent children who like to be in charge of carrying their own essentials! Plan Toys Happy Puppy (£17) a gorgeous wooden pull-along puppy with a flexible neck and body, and uneven hind wheels giving him a cute, wobbly walk.  Perfect for this little dog lover! Recyled Wool Mermaid/Princess Puppet (£5) fantastic wool character puppets, hand made in Canada from upcycled clothing, so each puppet will always be the same shape, however no two mermaids will ever be the same! These are great for encouraging imaginative play and making up stories. The mermaid puppets have real character - a full head of hair, bra top and of course a fishy tail!

For my gorgeous, grown-up girl cousin

My cousin is 25 yrs old and loves the outside, yoga, cooking and enjoying life! As a vegan, finding gorgeous looking and delicious chocolate can be a challenge, but not with Cocoa Loco's Organic Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Stars (£4.50) These heavenly stars are made from Cocoa Loco's velvety smooth dark chocolate adorned with tasty pieces of freeze dried raspberry. A lovely treat! As a gluten free vegan, she is having to experiment with what she can eat and a lunch container would be a great gift for her, as she is a busy teacher who wants tasty food that suits her diet. A Slice of Green Two Tier Rectangle Lunch Box with Mini Container (£22) is perfect to fit a full and varied lunch. For her glam side, I think a Natural Gift Company Sparkling Natural Gift Set (£20) is a really nice treat. Packed with a pink fizz candle, and prosecco bath melt, lip balm and soap, a night on the fizz that won't result in a hang over! And finally, for relaxing after a hard day at school, a warm bath with Living Naturally's Coconut Milk & Rose Bathtub Tea (£8.50) is just the job to calm and rejuvenate.  100% vegan, natural, organic and free from SLS's, parabens, mineral oils, artificial additives and fragrances.

For my velvet-soft cat - Meg

My beautiful, long-haired black cat, Meg, loves treats, toys and cuddles - no surprises there! Lily's Kitchen Christmas Cracker Treats (£3) are tempting treats, bursting with freshly prepared turkey, chicken liver and cranberries. Made in the UK from natural wholesome ingredients.


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