Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

by Deborah McCaughan
Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts

This year, we want to say a proper 'Thank You' to our Mums. We always try to find thoughtful gifts, but sometimes it's hard to come up with gifts that will actually be useful and appreciated too! We had a thought about what our mums would like and how we would like to treat them, and we put together this guide to help you choose.

Green Tulip in 2017: Our Highlights

by Deborah McCaughan

Green Tulip in 2017

2017 was a great year for us here at Green Tulip and before we throw ourselves fully into 2018 we thought it would be nice to look back at some of the highlights. First up - of course - was the fact we celebrated our 10th Birthday in July! That makes us quite an old lady in website terms, and positively ancient in ethical website terms!

Deborah's Green Tulip Christmas List

by Deborah McCaughan

Deborah's Green Tulip Christmas Shopping List


My favourite part of my job is when I am writing the descriptions of all the new products to put on the Green Tulip website. I usually sit at my desk with the goodies in front of me thinking about how I can describe a smell or a taste or how soft and gorgeous something is! It's quite a challenge sometimes to come up with the right words as I have written the descriptions for several thousand gorgeous gifts over the last 7 years! You may think it would therefore be easy for me to choose some presents for my family but because I know so much about everything we sell it was actually a challenge narrowing it down to just 3 gifts for each one!

Cat's Green Tulip Christmas Shopping List

by Deborah McCaughan

Cat's Green Tulip Christmas List

I love packing our customer's orders - sometimes they look (and smell) so gorgeous it inspires me to think which of my friends and family an order would most appeal to! Getting to know the products gives me a real sense of familiarity with them and I have some firm favourites. Here's my list of who I am buying for this Christmas and what I have chosen. It was so difficult, at times I realised I was choosing all my favourites - mentally shopping for myself!? Oops, it's a bit of an occupational hazard at Green Tulip!

Kate's Green Tulip Christmas Shopping List

by Deborah McCaughan

Kate's Christmas Shopping List

We have so many gorgeous, lovely gifts at Green Tulip and as they all have to be photographed for the website, I spend quite a lot of my time thinking 'Oo, I'd like this'. But of course, I don't buy everything I like (I'd be broke!) just make a mental list of those I 'need' and pass on the list to my family for Christmas and birthdays. Which got me thinking about all the lovely things I could get them for Christmas! So here are a few of my favourites...

Green Tulip's Green Fingers!

by Deborah McCaughan

Green Tulip's Green Fingers

At work, I deal with beautiful and 'green' products- photographing and researching them and it's a very pleasant way to spend time in the office! But as soon as I get home, the gloves go on and the gardening begins! If you live in the countryside, or are lucky enough to have a garden in a city or town then the chances are, you have learnt a bit about gardening! It also won't have escaped your attention that there is a 'growing' movement towards using your outdoor space to grow your own food. This is actually a 'regrowth' as until the 1950's/60's British gardens were often the primary source of fresh fruit and veg for the family home.

Don't just Organic Your September: Organic All Year Round!

by Deborah McCaughan

Organic your September


Has the current Soil Association campaign 'Organic Your September' piqued your interest? Here's what you need to know:

Why choose organic?

The Soil Association  has all the answers, here's a list of the main reasons:
  • It's naturally different - Studies show higher levels of some nutrients and lower levels of pesticides and chemical residues in food.
  • Know what your eating - GM ingredients, hydrogenated fats and some artificial colours and preservatives are banned under organic standards.
  • Combat climate change - Organic farming offers the best currently available, practical model for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.
  • Protect British Wildlife - Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds, butterflies. There is up to 50% more wildlife than on non-organic farms.
  • Reduce exposure to pesticides - The best way is to buy organic as they will contain overall fewer pesticides.
The future of the organic market looks healthy.   The UK organic market is now in its fifth year of strong growth and worth £2.09 billion. Total sales of organic increased by 7.1% in 2016!

Back To School - Surviving The Packed Lunches!

by Deborah McCaughan

Back to School

At this time of year, parents all over the country are starting to think about uniforms, PE kits and shoes. Is everything properly labelled? Does anything fit anymore? Just where exactly did the PE kit get dropped on the last day of term?! However one thing is for sure - if you ask parents what they like most about the holidays it's not having to prepare packed lunches every morning! Juggling breakfast, shoe search and tie tying with hunt the lid for the lunch containers is not anyone's idea of fun! We start off the term full of good intentions and matching lunch box lids, but it can quickly slide back into chaos! We have put together a few tips to help you survive the start of term and keep the mornings calm (ish!)

Plastic Free July- The Roundup

by Deborah McCaughan

Plastic free July

Now we are well into August, I thought I'd take the time to reflect on the successes and challenges from my first Plastic Free July.

How to travel in comfort and style this Summer!

by Deborah McCaughan

The opportunity to travel can be amazing.  New sights, sounds and smells can be a feast for the senses.  But getting to your destination can sometimes leave you feeling frazzled. Whether you are travelling alone for business, or planning your family Summer getaway, we have put together some tips to help you complete your trip with ease, and in comfort and style!