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Lucky Buddha Beer Glass


This 'Lucky' Buddha beer glass has been creatively reformed from a used Lucky beer bottle. Lucky is a light, Asian-style lager brewed and bottled in China and the bottle famously features an embossed Buddha design making it a real conversation starter!

Hand made in Devon, UK and presented in brown card gift packaging.

Approximate size: 16.5cm high x 8.5cm diameter at the rim. Capacity 330ml.

Box dimensions: 18cm high x 11cm wide x 9cm deep.


Glass ReForm produce interesting and unique collections of glassware made from recycled bottles which are heated and shaped by hand.

Most of the products in the range are upcycled rather than recycled. This means that even less energy is used to give these bottles another life as they are not broken down and remade. Glass sent to landfill will take over a million years to decompose and Glass ReForm pride themselves on combining new and old techniques to transform what was once discarded into everyday useable products.


All of the used bottles are collected from local pubs, clubs and restaurants around the Glass ReForm factory in North Devon.
Glass ReForm was established in 2008 with an aim to make the recycling of a used glass bottle as environmentally friendly as possible.  Now based in Barnstaple, North Devon, the company transforms glass that's destined for landfill into desirable, contemporary glassware products. Since the first bottle was collected, washed and reformed the company has gone from strength to strength to become the UK's No.1 glass company specialising in hand crafted recycled and upcycled glassware.