Recycled Skateboard Engraved Keyring - F

One of a Kind

This unique key ring features a chunky, lightweight wooden disc engraved with the Thrashion logo and threaded onto flexible wire with a screw fastening. The design on the disc is from the original graphics of the board used to make it so each one is a complete one off - no two items will ever be the same. The actual keyring you will receive will be the one shown in the first two images above.

Hand made in Cornwall from a discarded skateboard deck. The deck is used in its original state and apart from being cut, sanded and finished, waste is kept to a minimum. All materials used are ethically sourced from within the UK.

Length of wire approximately 15.5cm. Disc measures approximately 0.8cm thick x 3.4cm diameter.


Made by hand from discarded skateboard decks.


Hand made in Cornwall, UK.
Thrashion Ltd is a 100% skater owned and run DIY business which has been supporting the UK skateboarding industry since 2010 and in production since 2007.

Being run by skaters, Thrashion knows that skateboards are not just toys, and take care to produce high end products that befit the life of a broken board. The items are created from broken skateboard decks, which are used in their original state, incorporating each scratch, sticker and ding to represent the character of the rider. Thrashion has been internationally recognised with an Arts and Design Award Certificate of Excellence. Other awards include an Ingenious Briton, 2013, Queen of the Board, 2012 and Small Business Sunday, 2011.

The boards used are donated by skate companies, distributors, pro skaters, local skate shops, local skate parks and friends.