Navy Hi Rib Mittens

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These navy, thick-knit mittens feature a stripe detail at the wrists and have full fleece lining inside for added warmth and comfort.

Handmade from thick New Zealand wool by fair trade artisans in Nepal.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash in luke warm water using a gentle detergent.  Rinse and squeeze gently to remove excess water - do NOT wring or spin.  Reshape whilst damp, dry flat away from direct sunlight and heat.

Approximate dimensions when flat: 10cm wide excluding thumb) x 26.5cm long.

Please note that due to the hand made nature of this product, dimensions can vary slightly.


KuSan firmly believe that contented workers make better knitwear.  Their philosophy has always been to work honestly and ethically with their factories in Nepal and they seek to ensure the integrity of all products bearing the KuSan label and take their social and corporate responsibility very seriously.  All staff involved with KuSan receive good wages and work fair hours in a healthy and safe environment.  Sufficient breaks, free staff food and the encouragement of collective bargaining and freedom of association further instil a sense of self-worth and pride.  KuSan believe their hand knitters are the best in the world - many have been with the company since they started.  You can be assured that there is absolutely no child labour associated with KuSan.  Outside the workplace, each year KuSan contribute to community initiatives within the Kathmandu Valley.

KuSan collaborate with MADE-BY, the independent European consumer label for fashion companies who are transparent about the social, economic and ecological conditions throughout the whole supply chain of their collections. Its mission is to make sustainable fashion common practice. The MADE-BY accreditation gives consumers the assurance that a brand produces with respect for people and planet to its best efforts.

KuSan only use New Zealand wool to make their pieces. Their New Zealand sheep farmers have followed a voluntary code of conduct banning the practice of Mulesing for many, many years. Mulesing is a surgical procedure during which the skin around the breech and tail area of the sheep is removed. This voluntary code finally became law in October 2018, and the New Zealand Government banned the practice of Mulesing sheep under the Animal Welfare (Care and Procedures) Act.

Wool is a natural, renewable resource that will biodegrade when disposed of. At the end of its useful life, wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. When a natural wool fibre is disposed of in soil, it takes a very short time to break down, whereas most synthetics are extremely slow to degrade.

KuSan design and ethically produce high quality woolly hats, gloves and accessories that are lovingly worn and used across the UK and Europe.  Designed in London and handmade in Nepal from beautiful New Zealand wool, KuSan knitwear is very hardwearing making a great investment which appeals to men, women, boys, girls and teenagers everywhere. 

Since they began 20 years ago, KuSan have always worked hard to make their hats and accessories in the right way - by ensuring the production lifecycle is underpinned by responsible raw material sourcing, a low carbon footprint and sustainable manufacturing processes, and by focusing on the welfare of their factory's handknitters through a safe and supportive environment to work.

KuSan is accredited and audited by Sedex. Sedex offers a simple and effective way of managing ethical and responsible practices in organisations’ supply chains. Information is centrally stored and reports on key areas including Labour Standards, Health & Safety, The Environment and Business Ethics.

One of the largest earthquakes struck Nepal in April 2015 with devastating effects. Killing approx 8,900 people and leaving millions homeless, the KuSan factory escaped relatively unscathed considering the destruction caused. However three members of staff died and one member lost all his family. 122 members of KuSan staff lost their houses so home and factory life were severely affected – both physically and emotionally. As soon as the disaster happened, a small team from KuSan were on their way to the zone. Accompanied by family members of founders Kurt and Sandra – one of whom is an ex-Naval logistics operator and the other London Ambulance Paramedic – the team spent a week on the ground in the earliest phases.

From then onwards, the KuSan team have been involved in a number of strategic charities, including co-founding ‘Brand Aid’ – an initiative backed by leading British fashion brands who have close links to the Nepalese people. Collectively £275,000 has been raised and distributed to relief projects.